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St. Luke Eye Institute specializes in eye care and eyewear for the entire family. Infants, children, adults and seniors can benefit from the skill and expertise of the eye doctors at St Luke Eye Institute. We specialize in eye exams and treatment of eye diseases. Our eyewear boutique offers the latest designer fashions and functional eyeglasses for every personality. We offer state of the art contact lenses that satisfy every vision need you can imagine.

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At St Luke Eye Institute, Dr. Candace Lipshy and our entire Amarillo optometry team are committed to providing advanced vision care in a professional and comfortable environment.

Eye Exams

yearly or bi-yearly examinations

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Contacts & Eye Glasses

various types of contact lens options available today

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases

monitoring, treatment and prevention

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days a year

Why Do We Do It

Insightful Eye Care

We are Amarillo Eye Doctors Specializing In Eye Exams And Treatment Of Eye Diseases For The Entire Family And All Age Groups.

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St. Luke Eye Institute is one of the oldest eyecare facilities in Amarillo, Texas.

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