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Types Of Contact Lenses Prescribed By Optometrists 

Better technology has made it so that most people today who desire to wear contacts are able to do so. Your Amarillo optometrist will perform an eye exam and then discuss which options are best for you. Besides your prescription and eye health, other considerations may include your vision needs for things like your occupation, hobbies, and lifestyle.

Soft contact lenses

Soft disposable contacts are the most popular type and come in several varieties.

Spherical multi-use is usually prescribed by Amarillo optometrists for people with little or no astigmatism. These are the most commonly fit contacts available. Some people who need bifocal glasses can also wear this type, either for distance vision with “cheaters” over them to read or as monovision, with one eye being used for distance vision and the other eye used for reading vision.

Spherical 1-day is a great option! Wear this type for a day and toss! This modality is increasing in popularity by Amarillo optometrists. The most convenient and hygienic type, this vision product is great for people who are active or who travel frequently. Also, spherical 1-day contacts are often the best option for dry eye patients or patients with seasonal or perennial allergies.

Soft toric is fit by optometrists for patients with moderate amounts of astigmatism. Most of these are multi-use for 2-4 week replacement, but a few manufacturers have soft toric 1-day contacts now also.

Soft bifocal is the first choice for patients who need bifocal glasses but want contacts instead. Amarillo optometrists typically use multi-use bifocal contact lenses. Currently, there are a few 1-day bifocal contacts available, and several companies will be launching more of this type in the future.

Hard contact lenses

Rigid gas permeable (hard) is prescribed by Amarillo optometrists for patients with moderate to high amounts of astigmatism. Many patients are not happy with the vision achieved with soft contacts, and this is another situation where your optometrist may recommend a gas permeable contact lens. Often, this type will give patients more clarity and sharper vision. Amarillo optometrists may use newer designs of gas permeable contacts to give patients better comfort than standard gas permeable selections. These newer designs may include hybrid contacts, like the SynergEyes lens, with a gas permeable lens surrounded by a soft skirt. Another option, which is increasing in popularity among Amarillo optometrists, is a gas permeable scleral design. This is similar to standard gas permeable vision products, but is much larger, with a large diameter, much like a soft contact lens. For patients who love the vision clarity they get with a gas permeable design, but cannot tolerate the feel of them, these 2 types are great options to discuss with your Amarillo optometrist.

Bifocal gas permeable contact lenses provide exceptional vision for patients who require a bifocal lens. There are several different bifocal gas permeable designs available, and your Amarillo optometrist will custom design the best lens for you based on your prescription, vision, and lifestyle needs.

Other contact lenses


Specialty contacts are fitted by Amarillo optometrists with expertise in irregular corneas. Some conditions that may require specialty contacts include keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, or eyes that have had corneal transplants. Patients who have had refractive surgery, such as RK or lasik, and still require vision correction, may have better vision with contacts than they would with glasses. This often depends on how irregular the resulting cornea is, and your Amarillo optometrist may recommend contacts for optimal vision.

The optometrists at St. Luke Eye Institute in Amarillo, Texas have over 25 years of experience fitting all types of vision products. Andrew Alpar, one of our optometrists, fits several specialty contacts. This optometrist gets many referrals from doctors in Oklahoma and New Mexico to fit irregular corneas and has a lot of expertise in this area. Our Amarillo optometrists also fit specialty contact lenses for patients with keratoconus or those who have had RK or lasik. Call St. Luke Eye Institute in Amarillo, Texas today to schedule your eye exam, (806) 359-3937. You can also Contact Us via email with your questions, comments, or concerns. You can even schedule an appointment online. Come see why so many patients in Amarillo, Texas trust the eye doctors of St. Luke Eye Institute to care for their family’s eyecare needs.


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