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Symptoms And Treatments For Eye Diseases And Eye Injury

Without your eyes, your world would be limited. Recognizing the symptoms and receiving treatment for eye diseases and eye injury is important. Consulting with one of the highly skilled optometrists in Amarillo, Texas can help you prevent permanent vision impairment and even blindness. If you have certain medical conditions, you might also be at risk for developing vision problems. Prompt treatment following a comprehensive eye exam by an Amarillo optometrist will ensure the best results.

Symptoms of eye diseases and eye disorders are easy to manage with help from your Amarillo optometrists

Many eye diseases are easier to manage with the help of your optometrists in Amarillo. Some of the most common diseases include:

Computer Vision Syndrome is caused by blue light emitting from computers, tablets, phones, and other common devices. The symptoms of this condition include headaches, eyestrain, blurred vision, and dry eyes. Treatment of computer vision syndrome involves reducing blue light exposure by wearing special lenses provided by your Amarillo optometrists.

Pink Eye, also known as Conjunctivitis, is an infection or swelling of the membrane around the eye. Your optometrists in Amarillo will recommend drops and antibiotics as treatment. Over time, with the recommended treatment, the symptoms will lessen.

Glaucoma is caused by damage to the optic nerve due to undetected changes in eye pressure. This condition is manageable by your Amarillo optometrists with drops or surgery.

With Keratoconus, the cornea becomes thin and gradually forms into a cone shape. This cone shape distorts vision. First-line treatment from optometrists in Amarillo is with contact lenses. However, new treatments are becoming available.

The body uses tears to keep the surface between the eye and lid lubricated. Lack of tears can lead to Dry Eyes or Dry Eye Syndrome. This lack of tears can happen due to an underlying medical condition or evaporation and poor blinking. Dry eyes can cause blurry vision and eyestrain. See your optometrists in Amarillo for treatment if your body cannot seem to produce tears or symptoms worsen.

With age, the lens can develop cloudiness, called Cataracts. This cloudiness is a natural part of aging. Current treatment for this condition requires replacement of the natural lens with an artificial one. A thorough eye exam by your Amarillo optometrist can help to detect this condition early.

Each of the above diseases and disorders are treatable and manageable if caught early enough. If you think you have any of these conditions, you need to see an experienced Amarillo optometrist as soon as possible.

If you have certain medical conditions, routine eye exams are critical

People who have certain medical conditions are at increased risk of developing vision problems. Part of managing these conditions is to have routine exams. These exams allow the optometrists in Amarillo to detect any deterioration early and to prevent further degeneration.

A couple of medical conditions which cause vision problems include:

Diabetes, which can cause damage to the tiny blood vessels in the eyes. This damage can lead to a condition known as Diabetic Retinopathy. Eventually, especially if left untreated, this condition from diabetes can lead to blindness.

Grave’s disease can cause a condition known as Graves’ ophthalmopathy, which shows up most often as bulging eyes. This disease causes inflammation that affect muscles and other essential tissues around the eyes.

Getting prompt medical treatment for eye injuries is important

Eye injuries are a serious matter. You need to see one of the optometrists in Amarillo with the training and expertise to treat the injury. Probably the most common eye injury is a foreign object in the eye. Patients often come in with a shard of metal or glass embedded in their eyeball. Removal of a foreign body from the eye requires careful handling to prevent the shard from causing more damage in the treatment process. Trying to remove the shard yourself is a potential disaster.

Where can you find experienced optometrists in Amarillo?

The optometrists at St. Luke Eye Institute in Amarillo, Texas are highly skilled and experienced in treating eye diseases and eye injuries. We are the leading eye care and eyewear specialists in Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding Texas Panhandle. The optometrists of St. Luke Eye Institute have always emphasized the importance of using the latest technology and research to provide the highest quality eye care for patients. Our doctors have participated in research trials, many of which have resulted in approval of eye drugs we use today. St. Luke Eye Institute is the only eye care facility in Amarillo where all of the doctors have been appointed as Fellows of the American Academy of Optometry or Ophthalmology. Call us today at (806) 359-3937 to set an appointment. Visit our office located at 5311 Southwest 9th Avenue in Amarillo, Texas. You can also connect with us via email to ask a question or request additional information. Don’t wait to start receiving the best eye care possible for your entire family, Contact Us today!


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