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Most young adults have healthy eyes. Their most common eye problems are due to visual stress or eye injuries. Long hours spent reading or staring at a computer can cause eye strain, fatigue, and discomfort. Certain occupations or sports, such as soccer or racquetball, pose a risk of vision-threatening eye injury. The optometrists at St. Luke Eye Institute in Amarillo, Texas can suggest ways to reduce vision discomfort from computer use. Eye protection is always advised to reduce the risk of eye injury, but if one should occur, our eye doctors are prepared to treat most eye injuries. Around 40 years of age, most adults begin to notice some difficulty reading; this is due to a natural process known as presbyopia. Reading glasses or bifocal eyeglasses or contact lenses will alleviate this difficulty. The incidence of eye health problems also increases after the age of 40, so annual eye health examinations are very important. Early detection and treatment of conditions such as glaucoma can prevent vision loss. Dr. Andrew Alpar and Dr. Candace Lipshy specialize in diagnosis and treatment of eye health problems.


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